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Instant Turf Prices:
  • Supply and Lay: $62/m2 Plus GST

3.7m Wide, Minimum Order of 5 Meters


Product Uses & Description

The Urban FB Landscape Synthetic turf is a very natural looking broad leaf lawn providing great durability with comfort using state of the art Polyethylene soft fibrillated yarn. Suitable for both Landscape and Sports applications. The UV protected turf will outlast harsh weather conditions and allow for a hassle free lawn which does not require mowing or watering.

Product Specifications


  • Total Product Weight: 2817 g/m2
  • Guarantee: 7 Years
  • Type: 100% homo-polymer, polyethylene, polypropylene and UV protected synthetic grass
  • Dtex1: FB Ultra Blade 11,000 decitex fine fibrillated
  • Dtex2: Multi Ended 4,800 decitex KDK monofilament
  • Colours Available: Lawn green / Tan

Installation & Maintenance

  • Seams to be secured with approved tape and adhesive. Lazy Lawns Deluxe should be installed in accordance with the product's installation guide.
  • Lazy Lawns artificial lawns require maintenance in accordance with the products maintenance guide. Details are available on request.

Tuft Characteristics

  • Pile Weight: 1876 g/m2
  • Pile Height: 40 mm
  • Total Pile Length: 87 mm
  • Stitch Rate: 130 per metre
  • Stitches: 13,650 per m2
  • Tufts: 27,300 per m2
  • Machine Gauge: 3/8"

Particulate Infill

  • Sand Type: Washed and dried silica sand or if budget permits 7C
  • Rubber Type: N/A
  • Sand Size/Range: 0.3mm 0.1mm
  • Rubber Size/Range: N/A
  • Sand Infill Weight: Approx. 10-12kg/m2
  • Rubber Infill Weight: 3-4kg/m2
  • Total Infill Height: Approx. 10mm

Backing Characteristics

  • Primary Backing: 100% Woven Polypropylene, U.V. Protected 141 gms
  • Secondary Backing: Maximum Water Resistant and Ultra Bonding Strength Latex

Manufactured Rolls

  • Width: 3.71m
  • Shipping Weight (LM): 10.5kg

Our instant turf products are available for purchase in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart and throughout Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.

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