Deluxe Artificial Lawn

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  • Supply Only: $37/m2 Plus GST
  • Supply and Lay: $57/m2 Plus GST

3.7m Wide, Minimum Order of 5 Meters


Product Uses & Description

Great for lawns, putting greens and pool areas. A long pile 40mm (above backing), sand/rubber filled, UV stabilised polyethylene monofilament. Comfort under foot. Minimal sand infill.

Product Specifications


  • Total Product Weight: 2927 g/m2
  • Guarantee: 8 Years
  • Type: 100% homo-polymer nylon heavy metal free, UV protected synthetic grass
  • Dtex1: 11,000 decitex (1100 tex) 10 ended polyethylene mono filament
  • Dtex2: 7,070 decitex (707 tex) KDK fibrillated polypropylene
  • Dtex3: 6,1000 decitex (610 tex) 8 ended KDK monofilament
  • Colours Available: Multigreen

Installation & Maintenance

  • Seams to be secured with approved tape and adhesive. Lazy Lawns Deluxe should be installed in accordance with the product's installation guide.
  • Lazy Lawns artificial lawns require maintenance in accordance with the products maintenance guide. Details are available on request.

Tuft Characteristics

  • Pile Weight: 1986 g/m2
  • Pile Height: 40 mm
  • Total Pile Length: 87 mm
  • Stitch Rate: 180 per metre
  • Stitches: 18,900 per m2
  • Tufts: 37,800 per m2
  • Machine Gauge: 3/8

Particulate Infill

  • Sand Type: Siliceous 80% round
  • Rubber Type: N/A
  • Sand Size/Range: 0.3mm 1.00mm
  • Rubber Size/Range: N/A
  • Sand Infill Weight: Approx. 10kg/m2
  • Rubber Infill Weight: N/A
  • Total Infill Height: Approx. 10mm

Backing Characteristics

  • Primary Backing 1 Two layer composite of UV resistant woven materials
  • Primary Backing 2
  • Secondary backing Low filler polyurethane

Manufactured Rolls

  • Width 3.71m
  • Shipping Weight (LM) 10.6kg

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