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An installation DVD is provided FREE with every LazyLawns order placed. However, they can be purchased seperately for $9.95 + $1.75 Postage and Handling. Simply Contact Us to request a DVD on it's own to to enquire about anything else.

Because Lazy Lawn can be used in a wide variety of applications, the installation techniques will vary. There are a number of basic principals which should always be followed.

  1. Being a flexible product, it is important that the base on which Lazy Lawn is to be laid is of a good standard. Any depressions or lumps will be reflected in your lawn. As your Lazy Lawn should last you up to 20 years it is important that your base should also stand the test of time.
  2. We recommend that a base of at least 30mm up to 80mm (depending on the application of your Lazy Lawn) of road base or similar compactable material be used. This should then be screed of with crushed dust or similar to obtain a flat and even base. N.B. Be sure to allow for drainage.
  3. As your Lazy Lawn comes in a width of 3.66 m (12ft), work out which way best suits your application. Remember with 19mm product that it runs a certain direction and is best viewed looking into the pile. Lay the lawn out into the desired position, remembering that you will need to match one stitch line up parallel with another to create a neat join. When in final position fold back the edges and run a line of tape, the length of the join, secure the tape, then with a glue trowel apply the glue to tape then when the glue is ready fold the lawn back down and hand tease the joins together starting from the middle and going out to the sides. Now trim with a sharp blade all edges where required.
  4. Your lawn should now be sanded. The sand is what keeps the lawn in place and keeps the fibers upright. Fine sand should be worked into the pile to around 5mm from the surface. Dried sand is best as it will drop into the pile. However if the sand is wet spread and allow to dry then work into the pile. To work the sand into the pile use a broom or blower.

Please Note:

Your lawn may have been rolled up for many months during transit so when first laid there may be the appearance of 'ribs' in the pile. These will eventually drop out as the lawn settles. Your lawn can take up to 3 months to fully settle. To clean any debris off your lawn, Lazy Lawn recommends a blower/vac to blow the debris away. Now you can sit back and enjoy your lawn for the next 15 years or so.

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